Hello and welcome…

Reason I am here? Well my friend Terry of
said to me, do a blog Meg, do a blog. Being an obedient kind of a gal and all that I am doing a blog. Why? Well I dunno really.

The idea is that I could promote my ditties, (written under the pen name Maggyann) plus the other stuff I write, (as Meg Steele).

This all sounds very wonderful but I still dunno…

This is the blog. I will put up a couple of scraps from my ditties collection and a bit here and there from the other stuff.

If you like reading and are suffering from insomnia you might appreciate them if not well as this one says – take a hike!      Joke!!!

writing verse well okay ditties about being down or even titties passes the time for me nothing else to do see? I wish I had something else  to do because nowt I say is really new been said before by others who were definitely my betters at doing rhyming with bang on timing while me, (the nutter) my verses stutter but I don’t care I like to share if you don’t like just take a hike!

There you go now you know whether to pop back here again – you have been warned.






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